"And the greatest of these is love."

Above all things, love one another.

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God’s sense of humor always catches me by surprise. when i’m finally willing to listen to Him, He doesn’t speak. whaatttttttttttheheck.

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I wish people could just say how they feel like ‘Hey I really don’t like when you do that to me’ or ‘Hey I’m in love with you’ or ‘Hi I really miss you and I think about you all the time’ without sounding desperate. Why can’t everyone be painfully honest and just save people the trouble.
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this is how i know Christ is real and is working in my life: i had an option tonight.

let me detail the situation. i came home from work pretty exhausted. i wrote my first office referral today for the 2014-2015 school year. it’s taken me almost a month to need one, but i couldn’t control/contain/deal with one of the 5th grade students. now admittedly this particular student is pretty cray…but still. i felt like i failed him when i wrote up that office referral. my weekend was emotionally draining and physically exhausting. i slept only two hours for sunday night, meaning tuesday at work was rough. i’ve been feeling sick for a while now—weird scratchy cough and itch in my throat, strange headaches that come and go. and tonight, despite exhaustion, i helped my new roommate move into her room and then accompanied her and my other roommate to an ed sheeran concert. i went mainly to oblige, because i’m not huge on ed, but it was decently tolerable—not overwhelming or life changing, but okay. 

anyway, on the drive back, i get this text that really upsets me. it’s in regards to something that hurts my feelings a lot, something that i’m particularly vulnerable and emotional about. and it strikes at a lot of my insecurities and fears. 

i’d like to say that i’m usually a pretty happy and confident person, but in this specific arena, i’m completely dramatically pathetically oversensitive. 

anyway. upsetting text. it hurts so much.

i have two options at this point: it’s 11pm, about three hours past my normal bedtime, i’m sick and tired and emotional and worn out and defeated, and i just want to crawl into my bed and cry. 

or i could listen to hymns and trust in my God and Savior. or i could turn from my emotions and put my faith in something solid. i could pray, rest, confess, and wait for relief. i could lift up things to Him and believe in His sovereignty, in His best that is better than my best, in His plan that has never yet failed me.

and i’m not 100% there yet (still need to officially pray), but i think i’m going to choose the latter. i think i’m going to choose not to give in.

and guys, the fact that i can do that? the fact that that is available to me? the fact that my emotions don’t swallow me whole anymore, drown and drain and wrack me dry, is amazing. that’s so atypical of me. that’s completely unheard of for Grace Wang.

but He has changed me for the better. my feet are planted on something solid. He is my Rock, my Redeemer, my Comforter, my Shield, my Friend and my Hiding Place. He is my Lord. i will run to my Jesus. 

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56 Plays
Jesus Lord, My Best Love Thou Art



Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art,
Thou hast fully captured my heart;
There is none in heav’n nor on earth like Thee,
With Thy beauty none can compete.
When Thy voice first came to my ear,
Whisp’ring in my heart words most dear,
All past loves and aims lost their charm for me,
All my boasts so vain now appear.

          Throughout all the world, who compares with Thee?
          Who so full of worth, who so fair and sweet?
          Only Thou art worthy my love to win—
          O Lord Jesus, how I love Thee!
          No more I who live, no more self-deceived,
          No more in the self’s world indulged to be,
          Deep within I know You’re my only love,
          My best love is none else but Thee!

Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art,
Rid all rocks that hide in my heart;
Gladly I Thy bondslave of love would be,
One heart, one will ever with Thee
Though my heart is oft not subdued,
Still Thy way alone it would choose;
All I yearn for is what Thy heart desires,
In Thy love alone peace I find.

Jesus Lord, my best love Thou art,
Ne’er again from Thee I’d depart;
Never hide Thy dear, smiling face from me.
To none else I’d cling, Lord, but Thee.
To Thee, Lord, my all I outpour,
How Thy love my heart deeply fills!
My eternal portion, most precious Lord,
None but Thee I want evermore.